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Which OEMs have good OpenCL support in their drivers?


Based on other forum posts, it seems that OEMs get OpenCL drivers for integrated GPUs from Intel, but they don't always push out these drivers in a timely manner.

Probably the best OpenCL support would come from an Intel NUC, since the drivers come straight from Intel.

However, if I want a higher power CPU than the 15W models which come in NUCs, I have to go with an OEM.

My preferred OEM is Dell, but I also have HP and Lenovo.

Is any OEM better than others when it comes to OpenCL drivers?


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John Doe,

Thanks for the question.

Answers are fundamentally subjective but it's important to note three concerns.


1) Linux* OS OpenCL runtimes for Intel® Graphics Technology is opensource and typically available via system package management repository... So OEM support may not be the same necessity for Linux* OS. Those runtimes are updated often by some of my colleagues.

2) For Windows* OS some vendors may choose a finite block of time for which to support updates to the graphics driver, and thus the OpenCL implementation. It may be worth looking at products that are a few years/generations old to see the last update they received.

3) Windows* OS DCH based drivers were a driver delivery inflection point that induced some breaking changes for legacy reliant software (our SDK was an example). The speed at which those drivers were adopted by any particular vendor would be advantageous/healthy to see. Intel's first DCH driver appeared in November 2018. The product page for Version: (Previously Released) Date: 11/28/2018 will be removed soon.



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