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clSetKernelArg for the New PC


   Hi guys.

     I write OpenCL program at a asus PC with Intel HD 4600 GPU based on Win10 64bits. From Device Manger, I find the GPU driver vesion is OpenCL program run successfully.  But I put program to the new PC with intel  HD 5500.(Driver vesion is, running the program is ok ,but if exit the program, there is a error that Display drier stopped responding and has recovered.

     I find the error caused by the clSetKernelArg.  My GPU kernel function  has 10 arguments. I have do some testing at the new PC, following those steps:

     1) I delete all the content in the GPU kernel function, so it is an empty function.

     2) if I set 10 arguments for the kernel, error happens.

     3) if the number of arguments is less 10, no error.

     Is it possible that the OpenCL implementation has problem for Driver


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sorry guys. forget above.

    I find clReleaseCommandQueue causes that driver error.