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"internal error" when building for Iris pro 5200 on Mac OS X



I'm trying to get some kernels running on the Iris pro 5200 in my new late 2013 macbook pro 15". The kernel works fine on Windows with my 3rd gen i7 CPU as well as my GeForce GTX 760. However, on Mac OS X 10.9/Xcode5 I keep getting an "internal error" when building my kernel from source:
The exact debug output from within clBuildProgram is

[CL_DEVICE_NOT_AVAILABLE] : OpenCL Error : Error: Build Program driver returned (10015)

OpenCL Warning: clBuildProgram failed: could not build program for 0x1224500 (Iris Pro) (err: -2)

[CL_BUILD_ERROR] : OpenCL Build Error : Compiler build log: Error: internal error.

I found that when I remove some lines of code from one of the device functions the kernel build fine, but obviously it won't work correctly then. So far I haven't found a way to reimplement my code to work around this issue. Before I spend time on creating a stripped down version of the particular problem I have some questions of a more general nature:

Is there some way to produce more logs? (The CL_PROGRAM_BUILD_LOG just reads "Error: internal error.")

Can I look up the meaning of this 10015 error code somewhere?

Is my Intel OpenCL driver for Mac updatable?

Is it more likely that the same errors will occur when I run it with the Iris card on Windows (I dont't have a PC with the Iris graphics card just yet) or is there a good chance that it will just work?


Thanks in advance for your insights.

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Unfortunately for OS X support (even if its OpenCL) you need to contact Apple on their dev cennter.



@Volker Bruns

Did you manage to solve this? Did your kernel include OpenCL atomics?


I know the topic is old a little, but I put my post to satisfy sharing.

I met almost the same problem and also got the same build log "internal error".

I have the same environment that is MBP Retina late 2013.

I have written a OpenCL kernel which is lengthy.

It doesn't show any error when I build that kernel.

But the produced result is not correct.(I can get a correct result when it is executed on GT 750M)

After I commented out a lot of lines to find the bug, I got the build log in the question.

Commenting out further, I found that the build log disappears when I comment out fmod instruction.

However it is very strange because building itself goes successfully in case I don't comment out any lines.

It seems weird behavior like compiler bug.