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unable to run sample code from intel


I have a Xeon Phi 7210 processor box, and trying to test OpenCl performance there. Got problem running running a simple code from intel's website: 

I have tried the following two using  opencl-1.2-  opencl-1.2-sdk-

 OpenCL 1.2 samples for Linux:

  • Bitonic Sorting
  • General Matrix Multiply Sample
    The programs are able to compile, but fails in execution: 

    $ ./BitonicSort 

    Platforms (1):

        [0] Intel(R) OpenCL [Selected]

    Devices (1):

        [0] Intel(R) Xeon Phi(TM) CPU 7210 @ 1.30GHz [Selected]

    [ ERROR ] Sample application specific error: OpenCL error CL_DEVICE_NOT_AVAILABLE happened in file ../common/oclobject.cpp at line 447.


Can anyone help me figure out what I should do to let it run?   

Thanks and appreciate all your input!




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Xeon Phi support in OpenCL is deprecated.  The available runtimes here are for 1st Generation Xeon Phi (Xeon Phi 7100 series, previously Knights Corner.)  OpenCL is a great choice for Intel CPUs and GPUs, but for now you may have better luck with a different programming model for Xeon Phi.

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