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100% CPU when playing games with my Intel Core i5-7600K processor.


Hi, I recently re-initialized my computer and since my processor is running when I play video games between 65 to 100% usage. This is quite annoying because most of these games are normally easily run on this processor.


I'm now running at half the Fps I used to. I have already updated Windows, my drivers, checked my core temperature (which is good), cleaned my tower, updated my bios and I've re-installed windows again.


But nothing helps! My CPU is still running at full throttle not allowing me to do anything else than my game (which remains fluid with some losses but I'm forced to set the game to low while the configuration recommendations are well below what I have).


I have an Intel Core i5 7600k, with a Nvidia GTX 1060 6GB graphics card, 16GB Ram (DDR4- 1.20GHZ) .


I also read that because it's a 4-core processor, the new games are much more greedy... even if I think it's not related

for the moment.


I've already tried everything and tried to find out why it doesn't work properly, but I'm out of ideas.


so I'm coming to you to see if you have a solution.

Thank you in advance for your answers, Reginald.

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