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Boa noite, li uma reportagem que o Linus Torvalds aonde consta que o testes realizados com o AMD Ryzen Threadripper que demonstra compilações de teste 'allmodconfig' três vezes mais rápidas.


Fiz o curso comparativo Intel Core e AMD Ryzen Threadripper, a oitava geração Intel teve resultados melhores que o AMD Ryzen Threadripper,

o AMD do comparativo é outro, mas quero saber qual é o concorrente Intel para esse processador, a décima geração?

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Hello Fabiano Salgado,


Thank you for posting your question on this Intel® Community.


Intel Customer Support teams are unable to compare Intel® products with other products. To obtain more information about Intel® Processors, we recommend that you use the use the Product Specification page.


You can compare processors in the same or different collection, compare i9, i7, i5, or i3.


Capture the Intel® processor number to use for the comparison. Refer to how to identify my Intel® Processor


  1. Go to Product Specification page (ARK).
  2. Type the first processor number in the Search Specification box located in the top-right corner. 
  3. Click Add to Compare button located in the top-right corner. 
  4. Type the second processor number in the Search Specification box (You can add multiple processors this way, up to 8).
  5. Click Add to Compare again.
  6. View the comparison list by clicking the blue Compare box that should show the numbers of the processors to be compared. (Compare box is Located to the left side of the search specification box.)
  7. To clear the comparison, simply close the Compare box, or click Clear queue in the comparison page.
  8. You can also export the list of comparison by clicking Export Comparison, which saves the information into a spreadsheet.


Support link: How to Compare Intel® Processors Using Product Specifications Page (ARK)


Perhaps fellow community members have the knowledge to jump in and help.


Note: Our support is only provided in English. We may not be able to translate screenshots attached to the thread. To better assist you, we use a translation tool embedded on this Intel® Community.


Wanner G.

Intel Customer Support Technician