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CPU Temperature

Good day,
Hi! I have bought in i3 9100f and it sometimes during loading windows boot up and specially game booting gets to about 85 to 90 degree celsius!

I used the fan with chipset that had thermal paste. Should I replace the thermal paste?

Yours Respectfully
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No, it is perfectly normal to see sustained temperatures of 85-90c when the processor is under load. It is also normal to see short-duration temperature spikes to even higher temperatures. Any substantial amount of throttling (because the temperature reaches its Maximum Junction temperature) should not be happening, however.

The fan on the integrated heatsink-fan unit is controlled by the motherboard's fan speed control subsystem. You have control over the programming of the fan response and do so via the BIOS Setup facility. I recommend that you set the fan response such that,

  1. The fan is turned on for any temperature above, say, 60c.
  2. The fan should linearly spin faster and faster as the temperature rises higher and higher above this 60c point.
  3. The fan should reach full speed (100% duty cycle) for any temperature above, say, 90c.

Hope this helps,


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