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CPU & memory voltage limitation for i9-10900X.


CPU & memory voltage limitation for i9-10900X.

I would like Intel to confirm the memory voltage limitations for the i9-10900X. Intel does not actually specify the memory voltage limitation for this CPU. The specifications state the memory type is DDR4-2933 which is now discontinued.

The Vendor memory QVL is a year out of date and there is no available memory on the QVL list.

The memory type specified for the i9-10900X is DDR4-2933 and the memory specs states the voltage is 1.35v yet Intel states for Intel Core X series should not exceed 1.2v. It looks like Intel has exceeded the limitation of 1.2v but the max voltage is not specified. Please advise?

Intel states the following for previous CPU generations

Memory Voltage Limitations for Intel Core X series

We recommend using memory that adheres to the JEDEC memory specification. Anything over the specified voltage can damage the processor or significantly reduce the processor life span.

For DDR4 memory: 1.2 volts, plus or minus 5%.


I will not be overclocking and will be running the CPU at BIOS default settings unless the memory does not detect. Then I will manually enter the memory values for the CPU frequency to operate at 3700MHz if the bios fails to configure the memory settings correctly.

Please advise as I do not wish the unspecified CPU specs to be a point of discovery after the purchase of incorrect memory.

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Hello mkear21, 


Thank you for posting on the Intel® communities.   


I noticed that you have contacted Intel Customer Support directly regarding the same issue described here and you have an internal support case open. 


In this case, we will proceed to close this thread to avoid duplication of effort and the support will continue through the internal case. 




Sebastian M  

Intel Customer Support Technician  

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