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CPU refund

Hello Intel.

Can you refund my CPU? Previously I had my replacement, thank you for that.

But yesterday my GPU has arrived, so I began to try the CPU in gaming.

It came out, when I play CPU temp holds around 55-60, everything is OK.

But when i try to open game menu or character inventory, CPU spikes to 75c and the whole system freezes dead.

I'm trying this at ALL stock settings with my CPU cooler at 60% (lowest).

If this is possible, I would like to change my CPU from 7700k to 6700k. Most of 6700k users don't report CPU heat spikes.

If this is impossible, can it be refunded? How much will I get in this case?


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Community Manager

Hello Links,

For us to further assist you and to help you with the specific request, I recommend getting in contact with out warranty team, here you can find our contact information; Contact Support. I am aware that exchanging processors is not one of our processes but the warranty team can confirm this. Through this support channel, we provide troubleshooting to Intel® desktop and mobile solutions and if you are interested we can troubleshoot this matter.


Amy C.

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