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Can't find correct USB 3.0 drivers?

Not sure where to post this... my laptop seems to be having USB 3.0 trouble (not running at those speeds or randomly disconnecting devices), so I followed an online recommendation to uninstall the drivers, which I did, but they didn't reinstall on reboot and Windows Update isn't finding them.


I think they came pre-installed with my Dell Latitude E6540 laptop, and I've generally had spottiness with the USB ports but only now am finally trying to fix it for good. Dell SupportAssist (pre-installed) finds no problems even though Device Manager (Windows 7 Pro 64-bit) says the USB drivers are missing or generic (with a yellow yield sign).


When I come here, it looks like I need USB 3.0 eXtensible Host Controller Driver (which I remember being installed), but Intel says it's "discontinued" - - however I don't know if that means they won't even let me download it...


What's the solution here? I ran Intel's scan (installed to my computer from the website) but it doesn't even mention USB... Is there someplace to download these drivers? I can't even tell which "chip" I have since Intel says there's two different ones... or do I need to dig through Dell's website?

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I found what looked like the original drivers from Dell and things seem to working.


I then discovered I had some sort of CPU % leak, tracked it down to Intel drivers for other hardware (and useless mini-WiFi software), uninstalled them, and my computer hasn't run better.


Really strange Intel has such poor software support for being a profitable billion-dollar company.