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Compatible processors for my laptop


Hello there.

I'm a little confused which processor would work with my laptop. I currently have a i3-2350m installed (not the original processor) I believe the original was an Intel Core i5-3210M going by HPs website .

I'd like to upgrade the processor but unsure which ones will fit my socket and which ones are compatible with my motherboard/bios.

According to the user manual these processors are compatible.. I'd paste but the list is a little long. Go to page 1 - product description and page 81-processors.

According to intels website, the cpu I currently have has a PPGA988 socket type. The one that came with the laptop has a FCPGA988 socket type. Can one processor work on 2 different socket types? Only reason I question that is I don't remember what the original processor was. Might have been an i7 for all I know. I did have the AMD variant with a quad core a10 in it (m6-1302sa) so I wouldn't put it past me that an intel quad core might have been in it at one point.

If so, will all those intel cpus listed on the manual fit my laptop as HP says? Only reason i question it is they have on page 1 

Intel Quad Core i7-3520M 2.90-GHzprocessor (SC turbo up to 3.60-GHz,1600-MHz FSB, 4.0-MB L3 cache,35 W)

From my understanding, that processor above doesn't exist. Not with 4 cores that is. I don't have a lot of trust for the manual and would like a 2nd opinion on compatibility, if possible. And potentially a list of processors that would fit my socket type. I'm willing to buy and test any processor that will fit the socket. Just don't want to buy a processor that won't fit.



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Any advice on upgrade processors for your laptop must come from HP, as only they know what processors are compatible with THEIR BIOS.

An upgrade processor must be socket, chipset, and BIOS compatible.   Regarding those two sockets, they are the same (PGA988).

Now, if you were able to go from a 2nd gen to 3rd gen, you will likely require a bios upgrade.   This must be done with the old processor before inserting the new processor.

Now, personal opinion - I do not see that it is of much value to upgrade with a laptop this old, especially HP.  I think you would do better to replace the hardware with a new(er) laptop that is supported by W10.




Hi AlHill. Thank you for the reply and confirming both socket types are the same. To be honest, this laptop is still speedy to this day, even with a budget processor in it ( i3-2350M) I remember it being good for my needs with the original, along with the A10 AMD variant that was released the same year. Plays 1080p 60fps video just fine and i can multitask at the same time without much issue, as long as what I'm doing isn't cpu heavy. No problems with win 10 either. Have been using win 10 since they started rolling it out.

I did update the bios at 1 point. They had a bios update released on Sep 26th 2016 and do support sandy and ivy bridge cpus according to the manual. I think I'll test about and try a cpu listed on the manual. Was just a little confused with the ivy and sandy bridge and didn't think ivy would be compatible, even though it says it is.

Appreciate your assistance and help. Thank you

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