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Does Turbo Boost void warranty? i7 4790K


I had high CPU temperature issues last few days. I tought it was virus on PC so I did fresh install Windows 8.1.

But it didn't fixed problems so I did som researching and I found that Turbo Boost might be turned on.

So I went in ASUS BIOS then found that Turbo Boost was indeed turned on.

So I suspect that mixture of high ambient temperature and Turbo Boost is causing my problems with CPU. (It is middle of summer in Croatia so it is very hot outside)

So question is: Does Turbo Boost void warranty?

I think Turbo Boost was enabled by ASUS BIOS running its default settings.

Problem was temporaly fixed by turning Turbo Boost off. CPU runs cooler but maybe not cool enough. (at 100% CPU load temperature was about 95°C, now at 100% load is about 83°C)

Do I need aftermarket cooler? I still have stock cooler from CPU.


Sorry for grammar, I'm not good at english.


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Hey FMestrovic,

the simple answer is: NO, Turbo Boost is a integrated Feature, that dont void warranty.

If you are german speaking and want mor eto know about Turbo Boost you can read here:

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Hey I have a Asus Z97-A also

Question 1: Did you enable XMP memory profile? What is your memory that you are using?

Question 2: Are you using the stock CPU cooler? If Yes, stock cooler is crap but lowering the voltage will slow down the overheating.

Question 3: What voltages does CPU-Z show under a full load? CPU-Z | Softwares | CPUID run a full load with Wprime (run as administrator) 1024M Download | wPrime and take a screenshot of CPU-Z so we can get an idea of what voltages you are running. If it overheats with Wprime, you can close out, but I need to see CPU-Z under load so I know what voltages it is trying to use. If it is using to much voltage then I can tell you how to turn it down from the BIOS.

If you look at this post on the bottom it shows my voltages under load and the blue and black pictures are from AI Suite 3 ">

*Note every i7-4790k is different. Intel says running all 4 cores at 4.2Ghz should run at least a minimum of 1.100v I need to see CPU-Z to see what CPU speed you are running and at what voltages.

The i7-4790k tends to have high default voltages. high voltages = more heat generated.

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Simon thank You on response, :-)

Queston1: XMP is disabled all the way. If You are talking about RAM I have 2X 8GB Kingstor RAM.

Question2: Yes, I still have stock cooler, but untill last few days was working well.

Question3: I can't tell You much because I went on vaccation today, sorry.

But I can only tell You what I remember.

Voltage on CPU and Cashe was set to AUTO. I think voltage was less than 1.10V and temperature was between 55-70C.

And tried to test with Turbo Boost off, and fan was set to turbo (not at 100%), while playing Wolfenstein:New Order and temperature was less than 70C. I'm not sure what load was, I think it was 15% and frequency was low.

I can't give you screenshot about voltage at full load. I will upload screenshots when I can (next few weeks ) :-(

Try to look here:

File was created before reinstall Windows.

Note: it is middle of summer in Croatia so temperature of room is higher, so that may cause most of the problem, or it happend before, but I didn't pay attention on temperature. Whole PC is almost one year old, never changed any BIOS settings untill now (changed turbo boost to off, and fan speed to turbo).

Clocks never changed, and set to auto.

And settings set to default (here is turbo boost on, ans fan speed on standard).

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Hello FMestrovic,

Do you still need assistance with this issue? Would you mind giving out an update?


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Sorry but I can' t give You update untill 16/08/2015 (I'm still at vacation) Then I will upload photos with voltage of CPU and cashe. Maybe I had problem because of high ambient temperatures (about 37 C).

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Turbo Boost is a feature that will automatically increase the processor core frequency and voltage in a secure way so it does not void warranty.

Here you can find more information:

Kevin m

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