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Dual core processor supports work with only two memory slots, ins't it?


This is true?


My laptop has four RAM slots. I installed 4 pieces of RAM 4 GB each, totaly 16 GB.

The operating system sees 16 GB, but can only use 8 GB. The remaining 8 GB are hardware reserved.

BIOS also sees (Main - Total Memory: 16384 MB), but it has no settings that allow determining the amount of RAM allocated to video adapters. There are no settings that allow remap RAM.

To which the laptop maker support specialist replied that the problem is in a dual-core processor. And I need a quad core processor. Then all four RAM slots will be used, not two, as with a dual core processor.


I think the dual-core processor works fine with four RAM slots. And the problem in the BIOS. I think to solve the problem, I need to get access to the extended BIOS settings. Right?



Acer Aspire v3-772g-54216g1tmakk

Motherboard: VA70_HW

BIOS Mode:   UEFI   

BIOS Version/Date:   Insyde Corp. V1.15 , 07.03.2014 12:00 (latest version today)

Processor:   Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4210M CPU @ 2.60GHz , GenuineIntel

Physical Memory (Installed)   16 GB   

Physical Memory (Total)   7,88 GB

Operating System: Windows 10 Pro 64 bit

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Your processor has two cores:

Your processor supports 32GB memory.


From pages 29 and 30 of the user documentation for your ACER, it says this:

"Note: Dual-core computers cannot use four memory modules. For quad-core using only two memory modules and for dual-corecomputers, use the lower slot in each bank.Visit to find your specific model and refer to thedetailed specifications to determine which processor your computeruses. If you’re unsure, please contact an authorized Acer servicecenter"


I suggest you contact ACER for support and questions.





Al.Hill, thanks for your reply.


Wonderful find! I have already viewed this user guide. I just flipped through it because its content did not look important. I was so mistaken))

Recalling the requests for help on the forums from people who tried to solve the same problem, I understand that many people did not find this information on time.

I can not get rid of the idea that the creators of the guide deliberately placed this information among the garbage...

Note: Dual-core computers cannot use four memory modules. (с) Acer

Unfortunately, I already have 2 sets of RAM, each of which consists of 4 pieces of RAM of 4 GB. Temporary madness))

For this reason, I will have to finally solve this problem.


I see three ways:

1. modification of BIOS: Unlock hidden settings of BIOS, white sheet removal from it

2. buying a used quad core processor

3. Do nothing. Leave 2 pieces of RAM of 4 GB each. And all the remaining pieces to sell.


List of Intel quad-core processors that fit the laptop Acer Aspire v3-772g-54216g1tmakk

Criterias of choice:

1. Four physical cores

2. Socket type G3 (rPGA 946B/947 or FCPGA946)

3. Maximum RAM volume 32 Gb

4. RAM type DDR3L 1333/1600



But there are doubts that, as a result, a gain in computer performance will not be worth all this...

Perhaps the third way is what I need.

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By the way, help with the bios has to come from Acer, as it is their bios.




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When creating this model of laptop Acer used BIOS Insyde Corp.

Acer support will not help me with the BIOS. They do not answer BIOS questions. And I can understand them.

Therefore, if I have a restless head, then who will stop me from doing wrong actions that can lead to the breakdown of my laptop ...


On the Internet, I found a package of tools for modifying BIOS. It is called "Insider_BIOS_Tools-master".

The kit includes: H20FFT, H20EZE and other. Read about them here

In the description it was said that they were officially posted by representatives of Insyde Corp.

Perhaps it was so)


Perhaps the continuation of the story will follow ...

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It is not just socket compatibility. An upgrade processor must be socket, chipset, and bios compatible.

Before you can use a quad core processor, you must have Acer tell you if it is supported by their bios, or have Acer tell you which quad core processors they support (and select from those).


Acer's design for memory support does seem strange, and well hidden.


Good luck moving forward with this.





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