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Freeze/Lockup due to Turbo Boost on intel core i7 7500U processor

Hi, I bought this new laptop a month ago or so, been using it solely for studying purposes (code writing and such) a few days ago I began getting sudden black screens sometimes the system would just freeze and I was forced to shut down manually. Every time I would start the system, the computer would freeze before windows was up or a minute after it was up. I tried multiple things and I found that everything worked fine the moment I turned Turbo Boost off. I'm about to send this computer to the lab to get fixed/get a new one depends on the warranty unless I can fix this... I would like to know if there is any way to get Turbo Boost back up without getting these lockups?

Thanks in advance,


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Hello Dor256,

Thank you for joining the Processors Community. I am sorry to hear you are having these black screens.

You could try updating the drivers for several components in your laptop. Try updating your BIOS, Chipset, Management Engine and if available the driver for Turbo Boost, you should be able to find these with your computer manufacturer. If the issue persists after trying this suggestion, then the best thing to do will be replacing the computer.


Amy C.