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G7-1070us compatibility


I have the G7-1070us and was wondering which processors I can upgrade to? I currently have the i3-380m. I also wanted to know which motherboards I am able to replace my motherboard with AND the processors that would go with those motherboards? Been researching for over 2 weeks and I'm at an information overload and I'm simply confused at this point.

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Your processor ( Intel® Core™ i3-380M Processor (3M Cache, 2.53 GHz) Product Specifications ) is already eight years old.

To upgrade it would make little sense. But, to do so, you must contact the manufacturer of your system/motherboard and ask them what processors are compatible with their BIOS. Then, you can select from those processors. An upgrade processor must be socket, BIOS, and chipset compatible. And, that is only possible is the processor is not soldered to the board. Yours might be.

Replacing your motherboard involves a number of things. Are you a desktop or laptop? If laptop, we can stop now and you should simply buy a new laptop.

If desktop, what size case? Can it accommodate an atx board? What about the power supply? Should it be upgraded? If replacing the motherboard, you will need to consider replacing memory, and your processor, and your processor fan,

With today's prices, in my opinion, it is easier to just get yourself a new desktop.