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Help solve performance limitation on i7-2700K


I have a simulation program (Excel VBA Macro – single threaded) which performs a repetitive calculation procedure. Just data arrays and calculations, no interaction with the worksheets whatsoever. I run this on two computers, one laptop (i5-8265U) and one desktop (i7-2700k) and given the specifications and the benchmarks I would have assumed they would be very similar in performance, but they are not. The laptop is working >30% faster and I cannot figure out why. Ideally I would like to run this Macro on the desktop but it is just too slow ☹


One thing I noticed in Task Manager is that the 2700K is only working on 12.5% (one core – half processor load) while the laptop is displaying 25% (one core – full processor load).

-I shut off hyperthreading at the desktop, that gave a negligible improvement.

-I have tried disabling most of the background programs but also with very limited impact.


Now I am out of ideas and need some help. Can anyone explain what is limiting the 2700K performance like this..?



Processor: i7-2700K @ 4400MHz (overclocked all core)

RAM: 2x8 GB DDR3-2133 MHz

UserBenchmark: Single Core CPU: 120, Single Core Memory Throughput: 22.6 GB/s

VBA Macro execution time: 9.5 seconds




Processor: i5-8265U @ 3900 MHz (when in Turbo)

RAM: 2x4 GB DDR4-2667 MHz

UserBenchmark: Single Core CPU: 117, Single Core Memory Throughput: 22.1 GB/s

VBA Macro execution time: 7 seconds

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