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How know generation of his processor

My old processor us Intel core i5-3350p 3.1Ghz ( up to 3.3Ghz) .
Firstly I want know which generation is there ?
Because i am confused . A processor of 3rd generation can have 3.1Ghz ?

And secondly , how to upgrade it to 3.3 GHz ? Help me please
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For Core processors, the first digit (or pair of digits if the first digit is 1) of the processor number tells you the generation. Your processor is this from the 3rd generation.

Your processor has a base frequency of 3.1GHz and can Turbo Boost to 3.3GHz. This essentially means that, when thermal and power headroom is available, the frequency of a one or more Core(s) may be increased to improve performance. For information on how (and when) Intel Turbo Boost will increase the available frequency, consult these references: 

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@Processors_1  When Intel was in the wilderness, they were just adding cores for gains. Then AMD came along and things changed. 


I had a HP Zbook Gen3 and when I moved to Gen4 the Ghz went down but I got more cores. They have done this trick all the want to 11th Gen. 


Basically, Gen 3 had highest Frequency numbers before they did the switchero and reset the bar. The only way to get the higher on older was to either buy i9 or Xeon. 


4, 6, 8, 10 cores now.  Thank God, Gen 12 will be different. P-cores and E-cores on deck now. 

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