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Hp Z820 low performance

Hi everyone
I need help
I rendered an Adobe After Effects project at hp z820 and it took one and half hour to render.
And when rendering the same project on hp i7 4th gen, it took twenty minutes
What is the reason for this?
While HPZ 820 has more cores and i7 has less
Hpz 820 specs
Processor: w2687 (2) processor ( total 16 cores 40 mb cache 3.0)
56 gb ram
Gpu: Nvidia Gtx 760 ( 2
gb ddr5)
Hdd: 240 Ssd
I7 specs:
4790 processor 3.6 (4 cores 6mb cache)
12 gb ram
Gpu: Nvidia quadro 600(1gb)
Hdd: 120 gb ssd
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Hello Muhammad_Usman


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