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I have bought an ES i5 Heswell :(

So I decided to build my own pc to basically play games on, well I have bought an i5 processor which stated it was new. However that is not the case. I have looked at the back and its got intel confidential on it. So a bit of googling has led me here.......

What im worried about is placing this into my pc, can it damage the pc? Am I out of pocket with purchasing this. I also see that they are illegal to sell....Im stuck her as I do not want to put it into my new computer out of fear of damaging it....

Please help / advise me on what to do

Thank You


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Simon, your processor is marked as an engineering sample. This is a preproduction part that is distributed to hardware and software manufacturers to allow them to develop products prior to the introduction of a processor.


Since it is not a production unit, it does not have any warranty, and is not guaranteed for any reliable performance. This type of processor is considered to be Intel(R) property at all times and should not be sold.

I recommend returning this product to your vendor for a refund or a replacement.


The processor it's not going to cause any damage on your PC. If the unit it's not compatible to your motherboard, what it's going to happen is that the system is not going to start or boot.

Please send me a private message with the complete markings from the processor, as well as the name, address, and telephone number of your vendor

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