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I5-650 Suporte para 16gb Ram


tenho um processador i5-650, e 8gb de ram, eu comprei mais dois pentes de 4gb ram para ter 16gb então. Eu queria saber se posso usar os 4 pentes de 4gb, se o i5-650 suporta.

Dai ficarei com 4x4gb de 1600mhz.

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The processor can certainly support 4x4GB, but that's not the issue. The issue is whether the motherboard can support this configuration. It will depend upon the BIOS and its Memory Reference Code (MRC) implementation. Without more information on the motherboard and its BIOS (including version string if it's an Intel Desktop Board product), I cannot comment further.
I will note, however, that people have had issues upgrading the memory on older systems like this because the newer DIMMs will utilize memory densities that were not supported back then. If I am remembering correctly, only 1Mb and 2Mb densities were supported back then and many DIMMs produced today utilize 4Mb or even 8Mb densities. You thus have to be very careful in your DIMM selection.
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