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I7-7700K overheating - 100c while playing games


hi guys,

i have this cpu for 2 years now and recently ive noticed some stuttering while gaming. Then after restarting PC an error message popped up telling me to check the BIOS due to high cpu temperatures. I've then installed the MSI Afterburner and RivaTuner to check the temperatures while im playing and in some games it goes up to 90 degrees and other games it can go to 100 degrees. 

Ive opened my PC and cleaned up the cooler, which is a Sapphire Vaporex


that didnt seem to help. I have ordered new thermal paste to reapply but im not quite sure if that's gonna help much. anyone else that had similar issue would be able to assist me here? what can I do to lower these temperatures? I'm afraid im gonna break it if I continue running it while the temperatures are this high.



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So the Intel support engineers can have more information about your system, Download, run, and save the results of this utility as a text file:

Then ATTACH the text file using the instructions under the reply window ( Drag and drop here or browse files to attach ).


ive attached the test. thanks for the quick reply


@AlHill hey buddy, just thought in tagging you here in case you have any ideas of what I could do. I have sent the file requested. Thanks for the assist  

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So, it is perfectly normal to see temperatures peaking in the 90c range, but having it peak up to 100c is not normal. You likely have an improperly installed, improperly configured and/or inadequate cooling solution. Let's go through these possibilities,

  • An improperly installed cooling solution is either improperly attached to the processor and motherboard or has insufficient or improperly applied Thermal Interface Material (TIM, a.k.a. grease, goup, paste, etc.).
  • An improperly configured cooling solution is one that is not properly responding to temperature increase. As the temperature of the processor increases, the speed of the fan or blower or liquid cooling components (pump and fan) needs to correspondingly respond. I would suggest that you configure the solution so that it reaches 100% duty cycle (i.e. full speed) at, say, 90c and above. In most motherboards, the configuration is controlled from BIOS Setup.
  • An inadequate cooling solution is one that is incapable of cooling the processor. Your processor, for example, has a TDP of 91W. Your cooling solution must be capable of dissipating 91W (better 100W).

Clear as mud?



@n_scott_pearson thanks for your reply  


I have increased the speed of the fan in the BIOS to work at 100% of capacity all the time for now. I also ordered a thermal compound (ARTIC MX-4). Would that be an appropriate one in my case?



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Well, that's kind of an overkill (and likely loud). Just set the ramp rate so that it reaches 100% at ~90c. If you need help doing this, take a picture of the BIOS Setup screen with these parameters and I will try to help you (please have them displayed in English; I cannot interpret other languages in photos and screen captures).


P.S. I use Arctic Silver 5. MX-4 is good too.