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Intel 11700KF is not compatible with ASUS PRIME Z490-P


Hi, according to the Supported Products for Z490 chipset all 11gen processors should work on z490 motherboards.


I bought 11700KF and it's not compatible with ASUS PRIME Z490-P. 

No bios update is available on ASUS site.

I've checked out some other motherboards and found that there are many other models on Z490 with no BIOS update available and so with no 11gen support.

What does it mean? Do I have to return 11700KF then?)

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Intel is not responsible for the support offered by third-party board manufacturers. Have you asked them when their support will be available? If you cannot get an answer, return whatever you have and get a motherboard with 500 Series chipset on it. They will support your processor for sure.



Intel is responsible for everything advertised and officially announced by Intel. 

It's also responsible for it's own Z490 chipset and all manufacturers certified by Intel for production.

They officially announced full support of 11gen on all Z490-series motherboards.  But it's not true.

So I consider this situation as deceitful marketing and outright deception. My motherboard is not the single problem, simple checkout will provide many asus/msi/asrock z490 motherboards with no 11gen support.

I'm waiting for a strong reaction from the Intel's side on this situation or completely forget about it's products. I think that's it, it's not funny anymore.


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I repeat: Intel is not responsible for the motherboards that support this chipset. If a manufacturer chooses not to support a particular processor (and they do this all the time), then there is NOTHING that Intel can do about it (well, they can complain to the manufacturer, for all the good that that will do them).

You are whining at Intel for this supposed deceitful practice (which isn't), but the very same thing happens with AMD processors. I don't see you whining about them. No, all you are interested in doing is whining at Intel. I am done talking to you. You are not worth any more of my time.


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@dunhil  Do you know and understand why ASUS provides a CPU support list for your motherboard?  It is because those are the CPUs they currently support.  Not that difficult to understand, really.

No more need be said.

Doc (not an Intel employee or contractor)


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He's just looking for someone to blame for his own mistakes. He made a bad assumption and didn't do any investigation before he made his purchase -- and that's Intel's fault. Right.