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Looking for intel core i5/7 4th Gen. LGA1150 Socket CPU as charitable donation for school


The school of my sons here in germany nearby Hamburg has 30 PCs with i3 CPU and 1150 socket. We are looking for used hardware to upgrade the systems. If anybody knows anyone who might have a chance to donate one or more CPU, please answer or contact me directly: >EMAIL REMOVED>

Core i5-4460S SR1QQ

Core i5-4570S SR14J

Core i5-4590S SR1QN

Core i5-4670S SR14K

Core i5-4690S SR1QP

Core i7-4770S SR14H

Core i7-4790S SR1QM

Because of the weak power supplies only CPU with lower then 70 Watt.

Kind regards

André Kowalk

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AndreKowalk: Thank you for thinking of Intel as a potential sponsor.



Intel takes pride in its sponsorship and recognizes not only the importance, but the big impact this relationship generates between our company and those we sponsor. As you can imagine, Intel receives many requests for financial and in-kind support from individuals and organizations globally. Our ability to contribute financial resources is limited in comparison to the number of requests received. For this reason we regretfully decline your request.



We wish you the best in your endeavors and thank you again for considering Intel.





Alberto R.



Intel Customer Support Technician


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