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My i7-6700k has processing issues

Hi, I'm Jay


I've been having this problem for quite some time now (3 months already), my i7-6700k used to work for about a year until my PC stopped functioning correctly.


I can say it is 100% processor issue since I've tested all my components and the processor itself. At my current build, it works perfectly with a test CPU (i5-7600k)

Here are the symptoms I get when I use my i7-6700k

- POST and getting in to windows 10 works


- Start up programs (Anti-virus, nVidia Geforce Experience, etc) fails to run with error codes.


- Installing new programs does not work (fails with error codes)


- All games fails to run (more like I can't even access the log in screen)


- Basic hardware drivers seem to work (wifi)

After I switched to the test CPU, everything worked fine. When I used my CPU on a different motherboard, the problems persisted.


I'm not sure if it's an internal problem or physical damage (I dont see any), if it's an internal issue, I hope I can fix it asap...

If you guys have any clue, please let me know.



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Community Manager

Hi Hi_Im_Jay: Thank you very much for contacting the Intel® Processors communities. We are sorry to hear the processor is not working properly.



In regard to your inquiry, you did one of the troubleshoot steps that we recommend in order to try to fix this type of issue, which is to swap parts to confirm if the source of the problem is the processor, the board or a different component. Based on your description it seems to be the problem is actually the processor itself, and in that case what we recommend is to get in contact directly with Intel to confirm if the unit is eligible for warranty replacement:


Chat support:,



For phone support, depending on your location, you will see the contact information on the links below:


EMEA contact information:


APAC contact information:


LAR contact information:


North America: Phone Number 1-916-377-7000, Monday – Friday 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM (Pacific Time).



Any questions, please let me know.





Alberto R