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Need DDR5 RAM compatibility list with MB Gigabyte Z690 Aorus Pro DDR5


Hi, I am planning to build my next PC using both parts below:

CPU = I7-12700K

MB = Gigabyte Z690 Aorus Pro DDR5


However, when I look at this CPU specs for memory compatibility list, it only says DDR5 max 4800 MT/s where this MB memory compatibility list is in MHz!   


All memory lists on the internet are in MHz, not in MT/s.


This CPU MB compatibility list does include this MB.


I know there is no way to translate/convert MT/s into MHZ but could you at least give me the list of compatible DDR5 compatible with this CPU so I can then do a correlation with this MB's own memory compatibility list?

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Compatibility is determined by the Memory Reference Code provided in the BIOS. You thus need to consult with Gigabyte to determine what memory is supported. Note that they usually have a web page or document that details the compatible memory. Look it up via the support page for your motherboard.


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