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New video card


I currently have an HP Elite 8000 with An Intel Q45/Q43 Express Chipset (Microsoft Corporation - WDDM 1.1) however, I wanna get a new video card due to the one I have being quite old, and I wanna get openGL on my pc. Anyone got any suggestions on what video card I could get that would work with my pc? Thanks in advance!

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I would stay away from new cards.  Also, stay away from AMD cards.  Your best chance of success is to use an older nvidia card like a gtx760 or gtx1060.  They still have current drivers from nvidia.

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Adding to Al's statement, I believe that the Video BIOS being provided on the NVIDIA cards (note: I have to be careful here; I have only tried cards from MSI) is more backwards compatible than that provided on the AMD cards.

The alternative is to find out what cards were released in the same year as the Desktop Board and attempt to get one of these cards (in theory, any of them should work). There are web pages available that, for example, list the top cards for that year. I found them fairly easily in a google.