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Problem with the CPU Frequency!Thanks!


hi all,

I have got a problem. My laptop lags when I am playing 3d games. I note that the FSB Frequency reduced every time after I had started the game. That is the problem now. This problem begins after I clearup COMS by discharge. Before that, the reason of game lag is not the FSB Frequency reduce. The Multiple Frequence being the lowest cause that lags.

I know SpeedStep can make CPU frequency down. But when I play 3d games it shold be up at high usage mode. My laptop dose the opposite. I wondered why?

I can not configure in BIOS setup. It has no item to set that. And I have tried the software like RMClock, all do not work.

I am using HP DV4204 laptop, 2G cpu, 2G RAM, 80G harddrive,and ATI X700 128M Graphic card.

This is the parameter when I am playing 3d games..The FSB shold word at 533MHz. but it down at 342MHz.

This is the parameter when game is shut off....It becomes 533MHz after a while....I'm mad....

This is the parameter when the game is running. The problem is multiply frequency gets x6.0. It shold be x15.0, work in high frequency. This is the problem before the problem above...This problem random chang the multiply frequency when I am playing game. So I got the bad FPS in the game,That make me mad.

I want to know whether I have to change the motherboard. or CPU ,or other parts of my laptop. or just fix it by maintenance. What the problem is?

Thanks all....That problem trouble me for a long time, and I have asked so many maintainer. Please help me.Thanks.

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