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Re: It is possible to fake / remarked processors i bought?


Hello, I have the FPO and serial # on a suspect processor.  I ran it through the warrantee section of the Intel site to make sure its valid and only get the response back that it is a tray processor.  I need to know if these CPUs are remarked and were delidded as I suspect that they are.  The utility tool reads that it is a production CPU but I would like to know if you can tell by the serial # if its belongs to the FPO.

Serial # 3E426148A1712

FPO  # X848B673

is there a way to confirm that the serial # really belongs to the FPO listed above?

This was not purchased from a authorized reseller / Franchise disti.  

All are over heating and feel they were delidded and remarked with a newer Date Code.  How can I prove this if my hunch is correct?

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All Set.  figured it out user error



Hello Matthew888, 

Based on your last post, looks like you found the solution to your issue and I appreciate the update. Also, I would like to share with you a link that can help you in this kind of situation:

- Where Can I Find Intel® Boxed Processor Numbers for Warranty?:

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