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Respected sir/ma'am, I recently noticed that my processor "Intel Core i3 3220" is overheating upto 105C, due to which my processor's performance has been reduced. So please guide me what to do now. Thank you.


I am using your stock fan, reapplied the therm paste on the processor and even cleaned the whole unit but nothing helped. I used "speccy" software to identify the current temperatures of my processor. So please guide me what to do now.

Thank you.

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Speccy has not been updated in more that two years. It is not a reliable tool.

If you have reapplied the thermal paste, and cleaned the heatsink, and provided airflow, then that is all you can physically do.


Your processor is from 2012, and is no longer supported, especially on Windows 10 (if that is your OS).


You might try updating your motherboard bios, and ridding your PC of startups, and cleaning up and organizing your disk, and exploring what is running in the background.


Other than that, a new(er) PC may be in your future.





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Yea, use HWiNFO or (better) AIDA64 to display temperature information.


Throttling like this is indicative of only a few problems:


  1. Improper installation of cooling solution. This includes improper/inadequate TIM application and improper attachment of heatsink-fan unit to board.
  2. Improper fan speed control configuration. This is usually done in BIOS Setup. Try setting BIOS Configuration to defaults.
  3. Inadequate cooling solution. This includes incorrect (inadequate for environment or processor) heatsink-fan unit, lack of proper cooling support in system chassis (there should be fan(s) to pull fresh air into and exhaust hot air from the chassis) or improper placement of chassis (in closet with poor ventilation, for example).
  4. Something else is broken (sensor in processor, for example) or tool used to display information is displaying wrong thing.


Hope this helps,


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