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Turbo Boost about 11370h

This year I bought a new laptop asus fx516pr with cpu 11370h, but there are some problems happened after I updated the bios to 315 edition(This edition is not supported by Asus but intel,I got this updating in the Windows Update ).
I found that when I just open the laptop, the Turbo Boost can up to 4.5 Ghz at maximum and at 4.29 Ghz when I produce a video by ADOBE PR(100% cpu occupancy).
After about 20 hours using(cpu working time in task manager, after playing some game) , it will go down to 3. 9 at maximum even if I shut down my laptop and boost again, also in below 3.9 Ghz when the PR video export process during(100% cpu occupancy).
This condition not caused by the temperature, it's go same temperature in two times PR export process, I want to know is that a normal phenomenon? If this is a problem or a bug, what should I do can make the Turbo Boost keep in the high level? Thanks for your reading, I am waiting for your reply.
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You need to contact asus and get your bios situation corrected.  Intel does not provide a bios for asus products.

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