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Turbo Boost getting 0.4ghz



I own a 2020 Macbook pro, with intel cpu. The mac is bootcamped. The cpu base speed is 1.4ghz, however it can be turbo boosted to 3.68ghz. My cooling system is too bad to handle a constant speeed of 3.68ghz and the cpu temp hovers around 100C at this speed. Generally I use throttle stop to set my cpu at 2.4ghz to main good temp (60-70). Im dealing with an issue where when I play games, or other apps that use cpu extensively, my cpu frequently drops to a speed of 0.4ghz. These drops occurs very often at around every 5-10 seconds, making the game unplayable. My temperature during gaming is always below 80C and I throttle my cpu speed at 2.4ghz while playing games, to stop overheating. Im unable to find a fix to stop this cpu speed drops. The attachment belows shows a drop in effect on a software called Quick CPU.

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I am sorry, but Apple has requested that we redirect all queries regarding issues with Apple hardware to their support center. You will need to contact them regarding your issue.


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