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i5 5200u speed problem


Hello everyone,

 I have been using i5 5200u for 5 years on my laptop.From intel specs page, this processor can reach 2.7 GHz maximum. But i can reach maximum 2.57 GHz.And i don't have heat problem(maximum 83 degrees at games).Is it problem? What can i do?

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The laptop is limiting the performance of the processor. Many laptops do this to (a) limit the power draw on the battery (and make their battery last longer) and (b) limit the heat generated by the processor. The travesty is that many of the manufacturers are doing this (a) purely to make their numbers look better and (b) allow them to ship cheaper cooling solutions - which they pocket as profit, not pass on to the customer. Everyone comes here blaming the Intel processor for the problem. It's not the processor; it's the platform.

Off my soapbox now,