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i5 5300


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hello i have a dell latitude e 5450 and i5 5300u and when i turn on the pc without the charger the clock frequency is blocked and this doesnt change for example at 0,78 ghz or other times at 2,30 ghz an also it happens when i turn on the pc with the charger but the batery is at 100% and also when i suspend it and turn on again with one of this cases it happens the same thing and it goes very slow . if windows is open and i plug the charger it dosnt do nothing it,s only when I turn on the pc . before  didnt happened . normally it goes above of this frequenzy and it is aleatory like if the number of speed was changing all time , but here its the same number 2,30 or o,78 ghz and when i tried to pass cinebench the final result was very far below than normal before this problem i have installed all drivers the bios all that the intel asistance said to me to install i have scaned the pc with bitdefender , spyhunter and malwarebytes and they say that mi cp is clean if want you can answer me in spanish or english because i,m from spain

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It is common for laptops to throttle processor performance if a severe drain on the battery is detected. In this case, it may be that there is something wrong with the battery and it needs to be replaced (it is close to 6 years old, after all). Before spending money on a new battery, I would talk to Dell Support and verify that my conclusion is correct.

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now it happens all the time , i have unplug the battery and now it is working with the charger and it is blocked at 1,38 ghz

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Try running something like ThrottleStop and see if you can figure out what is causing the throttling.