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i7-6700 (non K) temperature spikes

My cpu temp is constant 25 celcius, but whenever I run a process it jumps to 40-45 for a second and gets back to normal.

When cpu on full load, about 30-35 celcius and jumps to 70-75 for a second.

At first I tought its related to unstable vcore voltage, so I turned off the C states in bios, and yet even with totally stable vcore voltage I got the temp spikes.

I only started looking into it because my fans went crazy.

Even when PC is idle the fans go full power for a few seconds whenever a background process starts.

Everything else is working perfectly, no lags or freezes.

But because my fans are in PWM mode, every spike causes them to spin faster and back to normal in matter of seconds.

Is it normal for a cpu to act like that ? Or maybe its some uncallibrated sensor issue ?

Motherboard temp: 30 constant

DDR temp: 30 constant

Max GPU temp: 57 (during heavy gaming)

My rig:

i7-6700 (non K)

Asus Z170m-PLUS (Latest BIOS version)

DDR4 2133MHz 16GB

Asus GTX 1060 3GB

Samsung EVO 850 SSD - 500GB

Nepton 280L liquid cooler

Windows 10 - 64 bit

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So i've tried to reinstall the cpu cooler, with new thermal compound, didnt help.

Here you can see cpu and vcore temps when pc is idle, nothing but the desktop and the monitor running.

You can see here temps just spike up to 20 degrees for a second.

Right now my fans configured to work at 40% all the time so you cant see the rpm change in this picture.

I've also ran the Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool, added the report here aswel.

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Community Manager

Hello Dimasub,



Thank you for contacting Intel Communities.



After reviewing the screenshots and the Intel® Processor Diagnostic Tool results, everything looks normal.



This behavior is expected, what shouldn't be expected is for the processor to keep those high temperatures when it is not being intensively used.



You can review the following articles for further information: Frequently Asked Questions about Temperature for Intel® Desktop and Mobile Processors Computer Is Overheating Warning Signs



I hope this information helps.



Best Regards,