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i7 7820x shortage?


Seems like its being tough to get the i7 7820x, after several days searching for a store selling this processor, I have found one that was still selling it and at a good price, in my country, Portugal.

After 8 days after the purchase, they have said to me that there was no way to get it from suppliers and they where unable to know when this processor whould be available again.

So my question is if there is a shortage of this processor, or even if it will return to stores?

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Hello marafado88,


Thank you for posting in our Intel ® Community.


I understand that you are looking for the availability information regarding our Intel® Core™ i7-7820X X-series Processor.


In this case, we do not sell units directly through this channel f support, as we are in charge only of technical issues.


However in order to assist you better I would like to provide you with our list of Intel ® Authorized Distributors in your country so you can consult with them the pricing and availability of the product, you just need to select your country in order to see the list of suppliers.


I hope this helps.




Diego Sanchez Campos.


Intel (R) Customer Support Technician


Under Contract to Intel (R) Corporation



Hello Diego,

I know that no one sells CPUs here on this support forum, and that this is not the right place to ask this question but I didnt found an appropriate category to ask this question.

There is no authorized companies in my country, and all the displayed companies do not sell CPUs from what I haver saw.

And almost all ONLY accept contacts from other companies.

In other stores in Europe, like in Belgium and Germany for example, they have also a shortage for this CPU. Those stores are online stores for computer components that I know.

Sorry for the offtopic and thank you for the response.