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i9-10980XE supported RAM types.


Hi there,


I bought the new i9-10980XE with 64 GB DDR Ram and a clock speed of 2666 MHZ (CORSAIR Vengeance LPX, not build in yet). According to the official data sheet, the CPU supports RAM with a clock speed of 2933 MHZ.


What I miss:

Is my RAM with 2666 MHZ also supported or should I buy a 2933 MHZ set ?

I've zero intention in overclocking the RAM. I simply want a stable workstation for the next upcoming years.


The data sheet only shows one value, but not a range. My Hardware shop suggested the 2666 MHZ variant because it's known as stable and has a warranty of 10 years instead of only 2 years with the 2933 MHZ kit.



Can someone clarify this ?


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Intel details the maximum memory speed that they validate and warrant. It is implied that all lower speed bins are validated as well. Your 2666MHz memory will thus work just fine.


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