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i9 13900k temps


This is my personal pc that I built, not saying I know everything because of it but I defiantly love the hobby and I know a fair amount. The 13900k is paired with a NZXT Kraken elite 360mm AIO and a MSI EDGE WIFI Z790 mobo. I bench my PC every now and then, and I play games regularly while having tons of RGB and PC monitoring, software running in the background and I'm very impressed with how it performs however, it runs really hot compared to some of my other systems idling at around 40-50c and 60-70 in game, 100c when in a benchmark  compared to my 13700k system which idles around 20-30c, 30-40c in game, and when in a benchmark 80-90c with just a air cooler I ripped out of a dead pc. I know the 13900k is designed to withstand 100c temperatures, but what's to hot? and is only at 100c because of thermal throttling when in a benchmark? and are 40c-50c temps normal when idling? what more can I do to keep my temps low as possible? what's the BEST cooling solution for a 13900k? thanks in advance for the answer  -Jacob 

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Hello @Jacob8 , you can see the list of compatible cooling solution for your processor on this link, based on my research, that website contains the list of products that is compatible, tested and validated by Intel itself on their products. This article might also provide you tips on how to decrease the idle temp of your processor,

Idle temperature of each processor varies depending on the background processes it runs and in your case, the idle temp of your CPU is totally normal. You may want to visit this reddit thread as reference.

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