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Adding non-addressable memory causes Downloading ELF Process Failed message

I systematically removed components and narrowed my problem to just one: a 64kB 64-bit On-chip ram that is NOT accessed/connected to the Nios II. I developed a subsytem that exclusively uses that memory. I used both Quartus Prime 16.0.0 and 16.1.2 and the corresponding Eclipse for Nios II suite. 


The error is below in the console: 


Downloading 00020000 (0%) 

Downloading 00026E34 (82%) 

Downloading 28KB in 0.4s (70.0KB/s) 


Verifying 00020000 (0%) 

Verify failed between address 0x20000 and 0x25B1B 

Leaving target processor failed. 


My 32-bit on-chip RAM is located at 0x0020000-0x0003FC97 (130KKB, connected to the Nios II. The 64-bit is 0x0-0xFFFF (64KB, not connected to Nios II but connected to custom logic. For some reason, simple presence of the 64-bit one is causing conflict, even though I'm assuming the Nios II can't address it. I tried regenerating the BSP after freshly synthesizing my design. I tried Quartus Prime 16.0 and 16.1.2. BSP editor screenshots are attached. Again, the 64-bit memory is not connected at all to the Nios II, but this problem goes away when I disconnect it from my sub-circuit. I've look through all related forum no avail. 


Anyone have any ideas why this might be happening? I can upload any other screenshots. (I hope the ones attached can be read).
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I'm presuming the 64kb memory is removed from the design in your last screenshot. When it is included in the system, how is it connected? You mention that it's in a subsystem. How is that subsystem connected to the rest of the design?

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I attached the sub-module screenshot to this reply. The memory is connected as a slave to two other modules (hcam_outb and hcam_inb).  


In the topleve the submodule is connected with two pairs of Avalon-ST sinks/sources, some Avalon-MM interfaces for statistics, and two exported LEDs. The 64KB memory module is not exported at all.
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Well, seems I found my problem. I was definitely failing timing. I'm still working out timing in the whole design, but the 64KB of on-chip memory added many cycles worth of slack for some reason; all default tests failed. I reduced to 5KB, and I am now off time by 5ns. The design at least loads, but I need to add a few pipelines in my design. 


For anyone else who has this problem, ensure you meet timing!!