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Basic Audio Output on DE2 audio codec

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I am a beginner to FPGAs and VHDL. I am really interested in learning more about the audio codec ( WM8731/WM8731L Wolfson ) on my DE2 board but I find that there is either a lack of information about this or, the examples that I find are too overwhelming for me. I want to start with sending audio, Can someone show me a super simple example of how audio is sent to the line-out port on Codec? Or guide me in the right direction? 


This is what I think I know so far; There are a couple of pins that I need to use, an DAC Left Right audio pin, output pin, and maybe a clock. I also think the correct respective pins would be: AUD_DACLRCK ( Pin C6 ), AUD_DACDAT ( Pin A4 ), and AUD_XCK ( Pin A5 ).  


Once I specify those pins I will use as ports, I need to create a 24 Bit string that I'll use as the "output signal". I'll assign this string to the left right audio pin. Then i dont know what id do after. does this sound like a good approach so far?
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Hello Noch50 

Welcome to the forum. 

Please read "Help using the audio codec on my DE2 board ", a previous post that might be of help. 

You will be able to find example code that could be of help. 

Best Regards,