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Booting from the QSPI flash



I've been working on the Cyclone V SOC for the past month or so, and now I've completed my application. The final task is to boot this application VIA the NOR flash every time the system powers up. This has been done, and my application runs every time.  


Now, the NOR flash has a size of 64MB, and my application is only 1MB in size, and I was hoping to use the remaining 63MB for data storage, and stuff like that. Therefore, my application performs R/W transfers on the NOR flash as well. The read transfers work fine, and I get to see the data stored in the flash, but the write transfers fail, specifically I post a write command to the flash, and the QSPI controller simply waits for the flash to respond but it never does. The flash is a Spansion S25FL512S.  


Actually, when running my application via JTAG or booting from the SD card, the R/W to the flash work okay, and I'm able to write whatever I want to write, but this stops working when I boot from NOR flash. Thus I came to the conclusion that this might be caused because of the booting from the flash, and when we're booting from it, its write protected. Is this generally true ? Is there any way to bypass this because this is the only storage medium I want to use.  




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