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CVP on Cyclone V



I have been trying to make CVP on Cyclone V 5CGTFD7C5U19C7 FPGA. My requirement is Gen2 Lane2 PCIE interface with CVP enabled. My FPGA board has Gen2 Lane2(X2) M.2 interface.

I downloaded altera PCIE example projects (Gen 2 X1 and X4 examples) and created and configured Gen 2 X2 project based on X4 project. I successfully tested all X1, X2 and X4 examples without CVP(Although my FPGA board supports only X2, I beleive altera X4 PCIE automatically downgraded to X2)

Then I enabled CVP, and only X1 example was working properly.

In all 3 cases, peripheral image seems to be loaded properly into FPGA. CONF_DONE pin goes high and CVP_DONE pin stays low immediately after power up. In X1 project, device is shown as PCIE device in device manager and CVP_DONE goes high after loading .rbf image. But in X2, and X4 projects, PC doesn't recognize the device's PCIE interface. I believe this issue is related to splitting logic into core and peripheral images. 

I have successfully tested CVP with X4 in Cyclone V 5CGTFD5C5F27C7 and 5CGTFD7D5F27C7 devices. Is it possible to have any limitations related to CVP in U19 package?

Any suggestion to investigate this CVP issue is highly appreciated.




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I guess this is a known issue that x2 does not work in CVP. The following is from Intel KB on CvP:


Known Issues and Solutions

  1. CvP designs with Gen1 x2 configurations fail to link up after loading the periphery image. One way to work around this issue is to use Gen1 x4 configuration and let the link downtrain to Gen1 x2.
  2. You cannot use the Transceiver Reconfiguration Controller IP Core in CvP update mode. Refer to Workaround for a Known Issue with Transceiver Reconfiguration Controller IP Core for more a workaround.