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Calculate CRC (i.e. EDREG) from RBF file?



Can anybody tell me how to calculate the bitstream CRC in software for a given RBF file? This is for Cyclone III. 


Specifically, I need to write software that, given an RBF file, figures out what the CHANGE_EDREG jtag command would return if the bitstream were loaded onto the FPGA -- without actually loading it. This is the whole-bitstream CRC, not the frame-by-frame CRC. 


This is part of our software for managing multiple versions/variations of bitstreams. It needs to be part of a software package shipped to our customers, who are not Altera licensees, so use of any Quartus software in a solution would be a clear violation of Altera's licensing agreements. 


This value is printed in the log files, and it also must be included somewhere in the actual RBF itself, since the device needs to be told what to expect its own calculated CRC ought to match. So instructions on how to extract the expected-CRC from the RBF file would also work -- I don't necessarily need to know how to calculate it from scratch. 


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