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Can ArriaII GX control a DDR3 SODIMM?

when using the "ddr3 controller" in MegaWizard ; 

find it can't using dimm ,find the error below: 

Error: DDR3 SDRAM is only supported in without leveling configurations for Arria II GX devices. Click "Modify Parameters" in "Memory Settings" page to select "Discrete Device" as the memory format. 

if i just modifed the "Memory Settings", with out write leveling, would the interface stable enough?? 


and find some answer in the post below said "ddr3 dimm can't be used in arriaii".. 


is there more detailed message about the"ddr3 dimm in arria ii "problem?
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Surprised nobody has responded to this yet. The answer is no, the Arria II GX family does not support DDR3 DIMMs/SODIMMs because it cannot perform read and write leveling. The tool is telling you to select discrete DDR3 devices, which Arria II GX does support.

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