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Can ModelSim take a library cell delay?


I want to calculate the delay of a digital circuit, does model sim has any library which can provide a predefined delay so that the delay of the circuit can be calculated?

For example, is there any library that consists of a standard delay library for basic digital blocks such as multiplexers, decoders, logic gates, etc. so that the delay of a digital circuit made up of these basic blocks can be measured using ModelSim?

PS: I have an understanding that the programmer needs to provide a file with a predefined delay to calculate the time period of the clock signal, but I am designing an asynchronous digital circuit that does not have a clock signal as it is replaced by the Request and Acknowledgement signal, and I want to calculate the actual time taken by the circuit. If there is an existing library that consists of the delay of basic building blocks, the actual time taken by the circuit can be calculated, assuming that the wire delay is negligible. 

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If you would like to perform timing analysis, I recommend using the Timing Analyzer tool in the Intel Quartus Software. There is no further support for Gate-level timing simulation in the Quartus supported EDA simulators e.g. Modelsim.

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