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Can't connect to MAX10 custom PCB



We are working on our custom PCB with MAX10. Unfortunately, we are still unable to connect to this target from Quartus via USB-Blaster+JTAG (Auto-connect gives "Error: Unable to scan device chain. Can't scan JTAG chain").  

We're using TerasIC USB-Blaster and we've checked that it's working just fine. 


Here is a brief description of current debugging setup: 



- FPGA Model  

- 10M50SCE144C8G; 

- Power Supply  

- External (from 10M08 devkit) - 3.3 [V] to VCC_ONE (core) and all banks; 

- Oscillator  

- internal only; 

- JTAG Configuration: 

- TCK - tied to GND; 

- TDI, TMS, JTAGEN - tied with 10k to VCCIOB; 

- TDO - not connected; 

- FPGA Configuration: 

- DEV_CLRn, DEV_OE, nCONFIG, nSTATUS, CONF_DONE - through 10k to VCCIO; 

- CONFIG_SEL, CRC_ERROR - not connected; 

- PCB - Layers - 4; 

- Soldering - Hot-air;  

- Shortcut tested; 



Considerations: After a couple of tests, we figured out that connecting TCK signal to FPGA pulls down rest of pulled up signals (TMS, TDI) - which is different from MAX10 devkit signals behaviour. Also CONF_DONE signal remains low (which indicates that FPGA is still in reset state). 



Any ideas what to do/check next ?
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