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Circuit-level Simulations Verilog Cyclone IV E Project



I have a project that involves me programming a Cyclone IV E in the Terasic DE0-Nano Board to function as a simple processor.  


In my design, I am trying to throttle operating frequency based on a given power supply. So, I considered Altera Power Estimations to get the required power of my simple processor and tried to create a system using a variable power supply, a power sensing circuit, The ADC IC included in the DE0-Nano and the Cyclone IV E. The plan is to produce varying power from the supply, sense it, pass it to the ADC feed it to the Cyclone IV E and make it decide on the throttling 


The problem is that the available power supply I can get my hands on cannot produce the variable power that my design needs in deciding throttling. For example, the results of the power estimation requires a 0.003A from a 5V supply but the available power supply can only be adjusted up to two decimal places (e.g. 0.00 to 0.01). Is it possible to simulate the system and attach virtual power supply using software?
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