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Code works in functional simulation but not on the FPGA board

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I am working on a verilog code that generates the Lorenz chaotic attractor on the DE2-115 Altera FPGA board. 


My code generates new values for 3 variables at every posedge of the clock signal (u, v, w). These variables are represented using fixed point representation with each variable consisting of 32 bits. 


Next, I am supposed to send the three 32-bit variables to a terminal PC using UART in order to plot a 3D graph on MATLAB. 


Due to the limitation of the UART interface, it sends only 8 bits at a time, therefore, I try to packetize every variable into 4 packets each consisting of 8 bits and the send them one packet at a time such that within one clock cycle of u, v, w generation we transmit 12 packets that correspond to the 4 packets of each variable. 


I have written a testbench to simulate this whole process, and the simulation works perfectly fine with packets being packetized correctly and then transmitted serially through the UART interface. 


Now the problem is whenever I flash the code onto my FPGA board and try to run it instead of receiving correct packets I receive only zeros. 


Please find attached a screenshot of the whole simulation. 


Could you please help me out or guide me through this problem? 


Thanks a lot!
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Your screenshot got resized and it is unreadable. 


There are too many things that might go wrong in this case, and it would be hard to diagnose the problem remotely. But, just for starters, can you tell if you are communicating with the board at all? That is, are you sure that you're reading zeros, as opposed to not receiving at all, because something is wrong on the PC side, or because the cord is unplugged, or because your FPGA design ends up sending the packets into pins that don't actually correspond to the UART interface?
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have you checked the baud rates and other settings of the UART in the FPGA as well as the PC? If they differ, then the UART Rx will not receive data correctly. What about the UART Rx/Tx pin assignements ? are they also assigned to the correct pins on the FPGA/board?