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Connecting Pmod USB to UARt module to the GPIO expansion header of Deca MAX10 board



I'n using DECA MAX10 FPGA Evaluation kit. I want to transfer data from the FPGA kit to my system and vice-versa, for this I got a Pmod USB to UART module. I'm connecting the module to the GPIO pins present in the board. I've assigned one pin of the GPIO to Vcc which is connected to the Vcc pin of the pmod module and explicitly mapped 2nd pin of the GPIO to 0 in my code. Also in Qsys I incorporated an UART core and mapped the rxd and txd of the UART core to the other two pins of GPIO in my code which are connected to RXD and TXD pins of the pmod module respectively physically. I have not mentioned any pins explicitly for these in the pin planner. When I'm connecting the pmod module to my system it's showing USB Serial Port( COM5 ) but data transfer is not possible still. Do I need to explicitly mention the pins of the GPIO in the pin planner which are connected to RXD and TXD of the pmod module ?  



Swarnava Pramanik.
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