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Transceiver Toolkit Cannot Link Design to FPGA (Stratix V)



I am trying to get the transceiver toolkit working so I can run BER tests and generate eye diagrams. However, every time I try to link my device to the design I've created, I get the error 



SEVERE: Device /devices/5SGXEA7H(1|2|2ES|3|3ES)|..@1#USB-1#DE5 Standard does not match design design_file.sof (Device has usercode 0316EB32 but design has usercode FFFFFFFF) 


I even programmed the FPGA with the design successfully before starting the transceiver toolkit and it still gave the same error.  


I noticed that the toolkit recognizes my device as 5SGXEA7H(1|2|2ES|3|3ES), however my Stratix V FPGA has the number 5SGXEA7N2F45C2. Could this be why I cannot link the design to the device? If so, how do I get the transceiver toolkit to recognize my device properly? 


Thank you in advance!
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