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Cyclone GX 10 Shared VCC and VCCx_GXB Power Rails

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The "Intel® Cyclone® 10 GX Device Family Pin Connection Guidelines" document on page 14, Table 8 notes for the VCC power rail: 



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You have the option to source VCCR_GXB, VCCT_GXB, and VCCERAM from the same regulator as VCC or VCCP when the power rails require the same voltage level. For details about the recommended operating conditions, refer to the Electrical Characteristics in the device datasheet. 

--- Quote End ---  



However, the "Intel® Cyclone® 10 GX Device Datasheet" states the following ranges for VCC and VCCx_GXB on Tables 3 and 4: 


VCC Min = 0.87, Typ = 0.9, Max = 0.93 Volts 

VCCT_GXB[L1][C,D] Min = 1.0, Typ = 1.03, Max = 1.06 Volts for Chip-to-chip ≤ 12.5 Gbps or Backplane ≤ 6.6 Gbps 

Min = 0.92, Typ = 0.95, Max = 0.98 Volts for Chip-to-chip ≤ 11.3 Gbps 

VCCR_GXB[L1][C,D] is the same as VCCT_GXB[L1][C,D]  


Note that the specified VCC and VCCx_GXB voltage range overlap would be very tight (0.92 - 0.93V) per the datasheet. Is there a recommend example of running both VCC and VCCx_GXB from the same power rail to the table 14 note? This is an application were I would like to run the transceiver links over a 12 to 14" board to board cable at <=5Gbps. 


(I would assume filtering is required to isolate the transceiver rails from VCC)
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